an interview with Rohitav Sharma, Assistant Director of Arjun The Warrior Prince.
an interview with Rohitav Sharma, Assistant Director of Arjun The Warrior Prince.
Added: 2012 May 25 has always been dedicated to provide you with various information regarding movie and its scenario here is an interview with Rohitav Sharma, Assistant Director of  Arjun The Warrior Prince.


  1. What types of movie is this ?

 Arjun The Warrior Prince is an action epic movie. It has action sequences of such scale that have been rarely, if not ever, presented in animation. This is a film that is MEANT FOR THE BIG SCREEN.

 It’s like a classic martial arts movie that’s a coming of age tale of Arjun from the Mahabharat. It’s Mahabharat like you’ve never seen before. If you love action you do not want to miss this. 

  1. What is you main motive to work in this movie ?

 I’ve known Arnab Chaudhuri (the director) for over 11 years now. I’ve always wanted to work with him on a project but the opportunity never came up until 2007 when Arjun The Warrior Prince happened.

 While Arnab Chaudhuri was the hook for me to do the film what further strengthened my belief in Arjun The Warrior Prince was also what Rajesh Devraj (the writer) was trying to achieve with the story.

 Further along I met Pavan Buragohain (character designer & creative director), KK Muralidharan & Rachna Rastogi (production designers) and the quality & level of work that they were designing convinced me that this is an opportunity not to be missed.

 Arjun The Warrior Prince was meant to be an action film of epic scale and this is exactly what the film is.

  1. What is the major theme shown in the movie ?

 The main character of the film is Arjun, one of the 5 Pandavs from the Mahabharat.

 The approach taken by Rajesh Devraj and Arnab Chaudhuri was to tell the Mahabharat through the eyes of Arjun. Therefore even if you know the Mahabharat there is a new approach adopted here.

 Certain events that you might have overlooked in the Mahabharat are also presented here because they are crucial to the story of Arjun and his coming of age and in becoming a warrior.

  1. What are your expectations with this movie ?

 We all hope that this film helps people to break the preconceived notions (as I had once upon a time) that animation films are only for children, are always comedies and feature talking animals. Arjun The Warrior Prince is an action film for the family, features no talking animals and is not a comedy.

 We also hope that this film does well for the animation community, which will further provide other storytellers / film makers the option of exploring the medium of animation to tell their own stories.

  1. What could be the major impact this movie will make on Nepalese viewers ?

 Arjun The Warrior Prince is mostly set in India but the themes explored in the film are universal.

 Where There Is Truth, There is Victory is the most dominant theme presented in the film. I think that’s a nice thought to believe in and a choice to make (to speak & support the truth) in order to make this world a better place for everyone to live together in.

  1. How much you have to struggle to get this movie ?

 Not difficult at all. Since I’d known Arnab for several years and wanted to work with him, he called me up when he got the chance to make the film.  Initially I had some preconceived notions and reservations against animation films based on everything else that had come out of India till then. However when I met him & he explained the treatment & tone of the film and what he was trying to achieve I immediately said yes.His one line that got me all charged up to join him was that “animation is a medium not a genre” We were going to do everything that we needed to do to tell this story right and not get tied down by what people thought animation movies should be like.

  1. Would you work on a nepali movie if u r offered by a nepali producer ?

 I have a Nepali script that I’ve been writing which is set in Nepal. It is a live action film dramedy (combination of comedy & drama), not an animation film.It is a Nepali story set in Nepal in Nepali language but again explores themes that have universal relevance.This is a script that is written & meant for Nepal.I am open to discussions with Nepali producers to direct the same.

  1. Last few words ?

 Arjun The Warrior Prince opens in Kathmandu 26th May 2012.

 Do not miss the beginning of the film; Nepali people will be in for a pleasant surprise.

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