Hacked by Scorpion
Hacked by Scorpion
Added: 2015 August 16



Hacked by Scorpion(Nepal Cyber Army)

We are Nepalese citizens and all we ask for is equality. Declaring Nepal as a hindu nation is a start of new war in Nepal, a new civil war. We want freedom of religion. Let us rule our government not the government rule us. No more fucking strikes any more. If any strikes affects Citizens of Nepal we will destroy Nepal cyber. We have access into your gov computers be aware any time we will log you off permanently.

We are the ones that want to play but we never want to stay.. 
We are the ones that want to choose but never want to loose.. 
We will face everything and rise until we die 
We are Nepal Cyber Army 
We do not forgive 
We do not forget 
We Are One
We Are Equal
Do not Fucking Discriminate us
GreeTs To Sc0rpi0n An0n , #root~nepal , AviAn , CYB3R WO7F M4D , M4rl!N

LoNg LiVe N3pal1 H4cker
सम्बन्धित समाचारहरु